SlimDrivers automatically updates PC drivers with real-time scanning

SlimDrivers automatically updates PC drivers with real-time scanning and cloud technology. SlimDrivers provides instant optimization of the interaction between a computer and its system components and periperhals, such as printers, graphic and sound cards, motherboards, USB ports, game controllers and other devices and hardware. SlimDrivers scans a PC, identifies the correct drivers needed, and retrieves them from the cloud, automatically installing the most current, precise drivers for each individual PC.SlimDrivers is a maintenance program for your Windows’ drivers. It supposedly works with a social cloud engine (meaning data is collected from a crowd of users, and not a central, unique source, database). It supposedly tells you if your drivers are out of date and repairs any driver-related errors.
I stressed the “supposedly” because there is a general lack of information in this program.

As other Slimware products, there is a very simple and clean interface. With one button you scan your system, then you get a list of problematic drivers. You should update each one. There are also several other options, like uninstall drivers, restore (another name for “undo”), or backup, allowing you to backup all your drivers.

Throughout the whole process you are kept completely in the dark regarding vital information, such as which driver version is installed and which one SlimDriver suggests as the most recent one; where the driver will be downloaded from; and what part of the program uses (and how it is uses) the advertised technology of crowd sourcing.

Drivers are a very sensitive part of Windows. Many Windows crashes can be attributed to drivers’ malfunctions, and one of Microsoft’s modern approaches to this problem has been to separate drivers and Windows, allowing Windows to go on even if some drivers fail. To sum it up, you should know what you are doing before messing around with your drivers.

I only tested SlimDrivers in two computers (not a very serious test, granted), but my experience is similar to others users reviews you can find online. Sometimes it works. In my case, it installed a driver that, later on, the configuration utility failed to find its associated hardware. It downloaded another driver that refused to install because it said a newer version was already installed, and I am very unwilling to let it install anything else.

When it comes to drivers and Slimdriver, I think you should stick with what you know. If you are an advanced user, check your hardware, see which driver version you have installed, and then go to the manufacturer’s website and download any updates for your PC. If you are not, do not let SlimDriver cause any damage.

The question is not if it is going to fail, as every piece of software is bound to fail… The real problems are, on one hand, the lack of information and inevitably lack of real control by the user. On the other hand, whenever SlimDriver fails, you will have a problem with a driver and the consequences can only be serious and harmful.

Fernando César
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